The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2694

Chapter 2694 

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Cameron tried to talk back but had no retort. 

“He’s right. You just can’t sit around. It would be terrible if you bumped into something.” 

Cameron had nothing to say. Were they treating her like a child? 

Waylon carried her back to the garden, where Sunny and Damian were playing chess in the pavilion. Damian looked up and teased, “Where did you go to have to be brought home like this?” 

Sunny smirked. “You’re pregnant but still act like you’re a wild child. How could we not be worried?” Cameron took a deep breath and looked at Waylon. “Put me down!” 

After he did, she walked into the pavilion. “Oh, chess. Dad, aren’t you ashamed of your skills?” Damian snorted. 

Sunny looked up. “You’re upset that I lectured you, so you’re challenging me now?” 

“Look at the board. How many of your pieces were taken already? Why can’t I call you out for being terrible at this?” 

Sunny choked. “You-” 

Damian laughed. “Cam, there’s no need to point out the obvious.” 

Waylon walked into the pavilion, looked at the board, and saw a good move. “Father, move here and take his king.” 

Sunny’s eyes shone with joy. “Oh, my good son-in-law.” 

Damian’s smile faded. 

Cameron glared at Waylon. “I’m going to have a match with you!” 

Cameron and Waylon started their own game while Sunny and Damian moved out of their seats and became spectators. Mahina and some of the helpers crowded over too. 

Cameron held her forehead and looked at the enemies who were pinning her pieces back. She went into deep thought. 

Damian got close to Sunny. “Your daughter seems to have improved.” 

Sunny crossed his arms. “She’s not playing against you or me so that improvement doesn’t help much.” 

He looked at Waylon, who was playing at a steady pace, and got happier. “That’s my favorite son-in-law.” 

At that moment, someone came to report. “Sir, a Mr. Wickam asks to see you.” 

Sunny immediately replied, “Wickham… Nick is here. Get someone to bring him in quickly.” 

Soon after that, Nick walked in with Dylan, who was carrying a gift box. 

Sunny walked over, and Nick nodded. “Sir.” 

“You finally came to visit me. There’s no need to bring a gift.” 

Dylan handed the box to the butler. 

Nick smiled. “I didn’t get to speak to you a lot the previous time, so I came today.” 

Sunny nodded and placed his hand on his shoulder. “I’m very glad you came by. Let’s go into the house.” 

As they walked past the pavilion, Nick saw the people there. “What are they doing there?” 

“Oh, Cam is feeling blue, so she’s playing chess with Willy.” 

Nick heard that and walked over. 

Cameron looked up. “Oh, Mr. Wicham is here.” 

Nick looked at the board and frowned. “How are you playing so terribly?” 

Cameron’s face dropped, but Waylon smiled. “She improved.” 

Nick looked at him. “You’re really good at this. Can we have a game together?” 

Cameron got up because she had already lost a few rounds and was getting ashamed. She was looking for a reason to step away when Nick showed up. 

She moved away. “Here, sit.” 

Waylon squinted while Nick sat across from him. A new match began. 

Their match was exciting, so even Sunny came over. Damien touched his chin. “They’re both not below me.” 


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